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FINCEN Reporting Requirement

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Enacted in 2021, the Corporate Transparency Act ("CTA") created a new reporting rule for small businesses. 
CTA's purpose is to provide law enforcement with business ownership data in order to detect, prevent and punish terrorism, money laundering and other misconduct through business entities.
The rules for which companies have to file these reports is broad and the exemptions are poorly described. Moreover, the government's portal for filing is needlessly onerous. You could spend hours reviewing the rules, getting all of the required information together, and waiting on a government portal to get everything filed, or avoid the stress and have us handle it.

Built With You In Mind

Avoid the stress.

Why go through all the hours of trouble gathering documents when we are here to help? We gather all the information, prep the forms and submit them. All you have to do is verify the info is correct and...relax. 

Start soon.

We get it, you're busy.  But don't wait too long. Over 8 million businesses will need to file and the penalties for not filing include fines and prison time.

No upfront costs, pay when you file.

After filing, we can track your status and make sure you stay compliant. The process is simple and stress free for you.

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