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About Us

From ideation to execution, we're here to help you through every step.

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Our Experience

Probity Advisory was founded in 2024 by three entrepreneurs with complimentary skillsets and backgrounds. After successfully creating and managing a specialty tax consultancy, we began to implement new ideas. First, we developed our own innovations in our consulting space. Then, we were approached by others with ideas that required our specific set of skills to become reality.

Our Expertise

We have more than four decades of combined experience consulting small to large businesses and several years managing and growing our own business. We know that entrepreneurship is stressful, often thankless, and sometimes painful. If not for the potential rewards associated with success, most people would not pursue it. In fact, lots of great ideas never become successful because the business fails in some way before commercialization. We want to help change all of that.

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Our Mission

From ideation to execution, we have experience bringing new ideas to market. We can also help automate, manage, and optimize operations. Our mission is to be a cost-effective resource for inventors, founders, and entrepreneurs to build companies that grow and thrive.

Our Team

A chemist, an engineer with an MBA, and an attorney with a computer science degree walk into a room…and they were exactly what you needed.

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Les Bryson


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Stephen Tsai


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Jason Mollner